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[6 Jul 2011 | View Comments | ]
Are we under a Shadow Cabinet?

The UPA-II government has been struck by governance paralysis. Nowhere is this more visible than in case of the three most critical problems that India faces under the present UPA-II regime – Pakistan, Price rise and Corruption. The inaction on all these fronts as also many others such as job creation, women’s reservation, land acquisition, infrastructure creation,judicial back log, electoral & police reforms etc. does suggest a government that is running out of steam.

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[11 Jan 2011 | View Comments | ]
Whats all the fuss over CVC?

A string of scams have hit India at regular intervals from Bofors, to Jain Hawala case, to JMM Bribery scandal, Fodder scam, Telgi scam etc.- yet not one major Politician has ever served his jail sentence. The Supreme Court in In the landmark Jain Hawala judgement in December 1997, laid down a string of measures to extricate the investigating agencies (CBI & ED) from the clutches Government control to ensure free and fair investigation of matters involving the ruling class. However successive Governments balked at fully implementing the letter and spirit of the directives and have tried to nibble away the authority that was sought to be placed in the CVC. The appointment of P J Thomas was seen as the final nail in the coffin to which the CVC has been relegated.