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[15 Oct 2010 | View Comments | ]
Why Ayodhya needs a negotiated settlement after the High Court verdict?

Sixty long years after the legal dispute began between Hindus and Muslims for a pieice of land in Ayodhya, the High Court (HC) recently pronounced its verdict – trifurcating the disputed land equally among the three litigants ( 2 Hindu & 1 Muslim organisation). Most Hindus have welcomed the verdict as they are seen to have gotten a better deal than the Muslims. Muslims, even though they are dissatisfied with only 1/3rd of the land being alloted to them, have reacted cautiously. Most disappointed are the political parties which are self appointed benefactors of Muslim community. They are the ones who are vociferous in egging the community on to go in for an appeal before Supreme Court (SC) so that ‘justice’ is done to them. The perils of going in for an appeal against this verdict are manifold and should be clearly understood by all. An appeal will keep the issue alive for decades more and still not settle it to everyone’s satisfaction. In Ayodhya, there will be no justice without reconciliation.